White Tastebuds


Looking at a timeline of the development of “Indian Restaurants”, those in particular found at Brick Lane, London. Researching the history of the area and Bengali’s who immigrated after the Liberation War in 1971. Exploring what “ethnic food” is and the connotations behind it. Addressing the gentrification of not only the area but also the white washing of the cuisine. This is shown through my outcome of an animation where the title of the restaurant changes depending on the era, as well as mockup menus of said restaurants. 

Whilst all my projects about my culture are personal, this one in particuar struck home as my family have experienced the consequences of gentrification as well as having change our generational restaurant to cater to thewhite pallet.


Mockup of a whitewashed Indian restaurant called Chai Shy.
This shows the whitewashing of the cusine through not only the branding, but also the dishes itself. The idea of having small plates is so that westen customers can eat “authentic” food for a cheaper price as they’re not willing to pay high, or at all, for non-European food.