Various portraits of family, friends and complete strangers!


An illustration of a woman from my grandmother’s village in Bangladesh called Poishagram. I chose to draw her as I loved the patterns and vibrant colours of her sari, and I thought it would be fun to illustrate.  Utilised both analogue and digital methods to create this portrait.

Inspired by Manjit Thapp’s work, I played around with creating patterns for the background to enhance the colours of the sari. I used the same colours to try and make those on the sari pop out a bit more. 

I used a brush on Procreate that called Narinda and 6B Pencil to replicate that of a anaglogue feel. Rendering her face was also a fun, and long, process as I coloured each individual line to has a sort of hatching effect.


Here are two illustations that I was commissioned to create of Zayn Ahmed and Matthew Akerman. I drew the initial sketch by hand, to the transfer digitally onto my Ipad to render on Procreate as done by the previous illustrations.